Is re-marriage a valid option to consider?




Is re-marriage a valid option to consider?

In today’s modern civilization freedom is a priority for each person and every democratic country two adults are allowed to marry divorce or remarry. The law accepts one person to be married to another but some nation will accept polygamy but this is a way of life is quickly fading away. After a divorce or death of a spouse you have all the right to re-marry legally. But the question is how sensible it is personally and socially and most importantly what are the effects to your family especially if children are involved? This makes it vital to consider the following factors to help determine whether remarriage is a valid option to consider:

Why you need time after divorce and before re-marry?

After your divorce is finalized or after the death of your spouse give yourself ample time at least for 2-3 years. This may sound too soon for many couples but you need this time before dating again and deciding if you’re comfortable with re-marriage. It takes time to get over a relationship especially if it is lasted for long time and when children are involved the situation gets even more sensitive since you need to make them understand the reason you want to remarry. First date the person and then date his children unless you might strain your relationship with your children. Let them also get over grieving on their parent’s divorce or death.

Is a live-in relationship better than remarriage?

To some extent, live-in relationships are much more practical than re-marriage; particularly if you have children and live in relationships help avoid complication linked to property issues. If the couples are willing to leave the family home with the children there may be no complication but if both partners have their own children the situation may get complicated. In this situation wills and other inheritance documents must be clearly drawn to avoid disputes amount the inheritors after the parent pass on since the children may be brought up together but have different biological parents. Sadly it is not as simple as it sounds. That’s why liberal countries making it vital to consider alternatives such as live-in relationships rather than remarriage.

Why you need to check partners’ Expectations before re-marriage?

Love is not something that happens spontaneously, so make sure to weight you options and make sure you are not chasing behind lust thinking it is love. If you’re lucky you will get lost love again in your life but it is sensible to have less expectation from your partner and make sure to understand their expectations before committing to marriage. Keep in mind if there are children involved, the children requirements must be prioritized before you desire. So make sure to select parents who understand this and are willing to make the required sacrifices linked to the children upbringing.

Remarriage is not as simple as many people think since you already have major responsibilities in your life which don’t just disappear and rushing in to remarriage could easily damage your relation with your children and other family members. Make sure to discuss it with each member if possible and make sure you look at the situation from a liberal point of view to help you make the best decision linked to the decision to remarry.




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