You don't have time for me

You don't have time for me

As the world gets busier more relationships are experiencing strain thus resulting in an increase in the number of divorces and spit-ups. This isn't good news for any couple so it vital to make sure you understand why many couples experience complications so you can get your relationship or marriage on the right track. We shall reveal some major factors linked to strained relation to help make yours more robust.


Balance time with your wife, friends, family and hobbies

A major factor contributing to strained relation is the lack of one partner dedicating time to the other; they are always rushing to work, visiting friend or family or indulging in their favourite hobby. Over time this will strain your relation severely so make sure to offer you partner the majority of time but at the same time keeping in mind that distance does help the relation. If you spend too much time close to your partner you are also going to experience this complications so if you work from home or together with your partner then consider also giving each other space every few months to help rebuild you desire of the partner.


Use gestures to keep intimacy alive

After marriage it common to find a couple forgetting to you gestures such as “I Love You, you look stunning and many others. This is because they live together and over time begin forgetting to re-enforce their intimacy using these words. Make sure to use these gestures to help keep you relation in robust always.

Most stained marriage show that one or both partners tend to be involved and concentrating on their own issues more than concentrating on the partners desires so you must make sure to consider both yours and your partners desire to make the relation always remain strong and happy.


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