Why do we want to be Rich?

Why do we want to be Rich?

Money has grown to be a primary need in today’s world and most people are scrambling to get rich, this is because you need money to do everything today. Money is needed to buy a house, car, clothing, shoes, jewellery, food, education and health thus making money a necessity today. But many people don’t only chase after money but plan on getting rich. We shall be discussing some factors linked to the need to become rich and what the status requires a person to consider so as achieving it.


Being rich improves your social status

Being famous is manly brought about by being rich and you will notice the relationship by simply looking for the famous personalities in your country or city. Most will be rich and will have grown in popularity due to them being classified as rich; they are also in the spot light more often since they invest, create jobs and contribute immensely towards the development of the society, town or country as a whole.


Wealth makes you think differently

You may have heard an average person saying wealth is the root of evil, well the wealthy think the opposite and say the lack on wealth makes people actually do evil things. This may be true if you look at the situation from a different angle where you’ll find lottery tickets are bought by average and poor people. This is because they hope to get rich quick and without placing any effort to earn the wealth. On the other hand studies show rich people never consider the lottery as a source of income since them think differently and rather wait for a free be that will concentrate on building proper action plans to help them build the wealth further.


Being rich means you a good planner

You could try this just to prove the point “walk up to an average person and ask him how much money is needed to start a business? He will most probably tell you some 5 to 6 digit figure”. Well self made rich people will have a totally different answer to this; many will have built their fortune for just a few bucks. Being able to gain wealth and be considered rich means you are able to begin earning from what around you rather than concentrate on the investment required. You’re surrounded by resources which could help make you rich you just have to be able to come up with a feasible plan this will ensure you begin racking in the money. Rich people don’t concentrate on the investment buy rather the benefits and resources needed to generate riches.

Being rich may be a wish made by everybody but the fact of the matter is that riches don’t mysteriously appear. Every self man rich person will tell you that you way of thinking must first change before you can become rich, the statues don’t happen over night but takes time for you to actually come up with the perfect plane and begin accumulating your riches.


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