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  • A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.
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  • Secrets of Good LIFE:
    "Minimum requirements and maximum adjustments are the two steps of happy and successful Life :)"
    groups.wall 480 days ago
  • Role of Trust in any Relationship Trust is the most important element of any relationship: love, marriage, family, friendship and even professional r ...
    groups.discussion 567 days ago
  •       Is re-marriage a valid option to consider? In today’s modern civilization freedom is a priority for each person and every democratic country ...
    groups.discussion 572 days ago
  • I always used disagree when others dislike living in this country. But after such a gang-rape tragedy happened in the capital of this country and govt is not taking any action about it even after the 6 devils are caught and also the way police are beating up protesters especially women protesters..... I am kind of agreeing with other people.... Will this country ever change!!!!!!!! :(
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  • You don't have time for me As the world gets busier more relationships are experiencing strain thus resulting in an increase in the number of divorce ...
    groups.discussion 579 days ago
  • Why do we want to be Rich? Money has grown to be a primary need in today’s world and most people are scrambling to get rich, this is because you need ...
    groups.discussion 579 days ago
  •     Where Did Love Go After Marriage….? A marriage is the prime requirement to starting a family and marriage is a must to ensure you lay a good fo ...
    groups.discussion 579 days ago
  • Over ambition leads to depression Any person can experience depression but recent studies show more women suffer from depression and anxiety than men ...
    groups.discussion 579 days ago
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  • Posted a new discussion, A Journey Without a Goal
    Nearly every activity we do has a purpose, a goal in mind. We drive to get to work, to the store, to a class or party. We walk for fitness, or to g ...
    groups.discussion 598 days ago
  • Amitabh Bachchan in Gaza   T shirt from shop in Ramallah. The Arabic text reads, “My life is an Indian film”. Photo by Sunaina Maira.   Ra ...
    groups.discussion 606 days ago
  • Janaagraha is a non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, India. It works with citizens and the government to improve the quality of life in Indian ...
    groups.discussion 611 days ago
  • Itna sannata kyun hai bhai? :S
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  • Happy deepavali folks :)
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  • What do you really care about? Money? wealth? Health? your parents? Share the first thing that comes to your mind. ...
    groups.discussion 622 days ago